• Why Retigence?

    We at Retigence believe that successful identification of trends in sales and and IT aided retail can lead to increased profitability for our customers. In addition to providing retailers with software solutions to increase their margin, we work with the closely to understand their needs and ensure that these needs are met.

  • Is n't this something that I am already aware of?

    You must be thinking what value you would derive from using our products. Are n't trends in sales and optimum re-order quantities things you are already aware of. Does not you experience in retailing equip you with the expertise to identify which products are performing well and which are the ones that you would not want to focus on. Well, we agree that first-hand experience goes a long way in letting you know the answers to these questions, but using our products improves your efficiency and accuracy in while taking vital decisions.

  • How is it different from the point of sale software I already have?

    While a point of sale software or an accounting software package no doubt helps you in keeping track of the things coming in and going out of the store, it does not give you vital information about optimum re-order quantity levels, fast moving products and solutions to increase your margins. A point of sale software just allows you to capture the data of sales and does not go on to provide its analysis. By making use of our powerful retail solutions, you would not miss even a single factor impacting your margins negatively.

  • How would this help me in inventory management?

    In a small or medium-sized supermarket, the owner will usually oversee inventory accounting and product ordering. This means that as it is time for him to order a new product, he will have to check the current amount of stock he has available. He must also be able to estimate how much of each product will be purchased between his inventory count and the delivery date of the product. He has to determine the amount of each product to order to ensure he doesn't run out. At the same time, he must avoid over-ordering, especially when it comes to perishable items. Our retail solutions provide you a crystal clear picture and go a long way in optimizing your re-order levels.

  • Do I need to upgrade my existing IT infrastructure?

    The best part of all of this is that you do not need to upgrade your existing computer infrastructure! All that you need to do is upload your sales data to us and leave the rest to us. We make use of some of the finest analytics tools in the medium-sized retail segment and provide you with all the information you need. Thus, what this means is that for a Rs. 0 investment on IT infrastructure, your profit margins rise substantially.