Nurse Shift Scheduling Made Simple

Nurses shift scheduling is a complex problem that affects hospital personnel everywhere. Manual scheduling can be erroneous at best and expensive at worst. The complexities in solving this problem evolve from the multiple variables that need to be considered while scheduling - effective utilisation of staff time, effort and capabilities, balanced workload across shifts, personal preferences, transparent process, avoiding errors in matching skills with patient requirements, reporting & tracking - among others. To manually create solutions that address many or all of the variables is virtually impossible.

With DutyRota, administrators and nurses can delegate the scheduling process and focus their efforts and time on critical tasks.

How DutyRota Can Help You?


  1. Save Time : Generate nurse shifts in minutes, instead of hours
  2. Reduced IT Cost : No complicated software installation required, access DutyRota on the web or mobile
  3. Seamless Reporting : Track staff absences & schedule changes anytime, anywhere
  4. Increased Staff Efficiency & Morale : Right person, at the right time, with the right case


  1. Save Time & Effort : Simplified scheduling process, in 3 easy steps
  2. Transparent & Inclusive Process : Shift requirements, leaves & holidays are built into the software
  3. Anytime, Anywhere Visibility : Access schedules & make changes on mobile
  4. Improved Time Management : Enhances efficiency & performance

3 Simple Steps To Generate A Schedule

Enter Data

The basic information to help us get started (Staff Name, Attendance, Leaves, Holidays, Preferences).

Input Criteria

Choose timelines, department.

Generate Report

Click "Generate Report" button. Yes, that's it. Remember, the parameters are already built into DutyRota?


Annually Monthly

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  • Schedule Auto Generation
  • Real Time Attendance Update
  • Inter - Department Assignment
  • Leaves Tracking
  • Reports Download
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