DutyRota for Healthcare is a schedule auto-generator for nurses which put the right number of nurses with right skill-set, balancing workload across shift taking employee preference and compliance guidelines into consideration. It increases nurse engagement by providing mobile access to swap shift, manage leave and communication with others.

Optimal Schedule Auto-Generations

DutyRota uses sophisticated optimization algorithms using large no. of variables to generate schedule which best fit the employee preference as well as compliance requirement from the business. Optimal staffing.

Self Service Mobile App for Employee Satisfaction

Engaged with nurses with self services mobile app to do shift swapping, shift offer and leave request & approval.

Align Nurse Assignment with Real time Demand

Based on actual Bed Occupancy in the shift, the resource requirement is calculated in Real time to derive Excess or Shortage of staff to help Managers to align Resources with real time demand.


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  • Schedule Auto Generation
  • Real Time Attendance Update
  • Self Servicing Mobile App
  • Inter - Hospital Assignment
  • Leaves Tracking
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  • Corporate dashboard