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Simplifying operational efficiency



Speedy turnaround time

Improve staff attendance

Automated Scheduling

Reduce patient waiting time



Reduce Operating Cost

Minimize working capital

Mitigate Sales Loss

Reduce Stock pilferage



Improve Workforce Productivity

Workforce sizing

Streamline OT utilization

Enhance MRI/CT Machine Utilization

Percent Inventry Reduction

Percent Sales Loss Reduction

Percent Cost Reduction

Percent OT Revenue Increase

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Inventory optimization

StockWise empowers you to minimize sales loss, reduce waste, and optimize working capital in your Organizations. Stockwise provides precise insights through demand forecasting, eliminating wastage and potential leakages. StockWise is a real-time analytics app that accurately predicts what, when, and how much stock in your inventory you should reduce or replenish. It uses SAP HANA to tackle the scale, complexity, and frequency of computation associated with supply chain Volatility.


• Working capital reduction
• Mitigate Sales loss
• Enhance Customer satisfaction

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Human Resource utilization

DutyRota offers a game changing, comprehensive dashboard to the hospital leadership including the CHRO, CNO, COO, CFO, and CEO. With automatic scheduling for nurses, doctors, and all healthcare professionals, DutyRota ensures that the right personnel are always on duty. This integrated system simplifies attendance tracking, leave management, payroll processing, scheduling, and duty transfers. Let our software automatically adjust workload distribution aligned with employee preferences and compliance guidelines. This ensures a balanced, well-staffed operation that is efficient and cost-effective

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• Cost saving and higher productivity
• Easy attandance and leave regularization
• Optimal resource utilization with fair & equitable schedule
• Happier and well-organized nursing staff

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Increase productive capacity, lower your cost

Designed with precision for the healthcare sector, hospCost is your ultimate solution to manage every aspect of hospital cost management. Delivers effortless benchmark performance and generates in-depth cost analysis. Its cloud-based nature ensures that you can access it without any installations, and its easy learning curve makes it accessible for all.


• Lowers expenditures and elevates care quality.
• Enhances organizational productive capacity.
• Reduces wastage and curbs fraud & leakage.

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Increase Utilization, lower patient wait time

Effortlessly manage the intricacies of scheduling operation theatres, surgeons, anesthesiologists, technicians, and patients. Allocate specific time slots, bring in transparency while giving a better experience to patient. The powerful cloud- based solution facilitates the management of day-of-surgery patient flow, and handling unpredictable surgical procedures. Keeps you completely in control.

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OT Scheduler

• Reduce patient wait time
• Increase OT revenue
• Increase operation count

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Increase Utilization, lower patient wait time

Machine Scheduler empowers healthcare facilities to optimize the utilization of crucial equipment such as MRI, CT scanners, ultrasound machines, and more. Say goodbye to wasted time and appointment conflicts. Machine Scheduler is your key to increasing machine utilization and reducing patient wait times. The integrated billing system seamlessly connects to the centralized accounting system, ensuring smooth financial management.

Machine Scheduler

• Increase MRI/CT scan utilization
• Patient wait time reductions
• Integrated with billing

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Increase inventory accuracy, lower pilferage

Perpetual is your key to stopping inventory pilferage and misuse, ensuring that your assets are protected. With this innovative software, managers gain the power to plan and schedule physical inventory counts, while also assigning responsibility and increasing accountability across the board. Our comprehensive dashboard equips you to track inventory variances in real-time, empowering you to identify leakages and plug holes promptly. With Perpetual, you'll take control of your inventory management, ensuring accuracy, security, and peace of mind.

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Perpetual Inventory

• Plugs inventory pilferage.
• Increases inventory accuracy.
• Identify process gap


Night shifts were more equitably distributed among the nurses, while we have been able to reduce the 45 minutes per day required to amend rosters to just 10 minutes.

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C. G. Muthana

COO, Teaching Hospitals,
Manipal Health Enterprises Pvt. Ltd

Our biggest challenge was accurate inventory planning and ensuring the availability of the right quantity of the stock at the right time to be able to cater to our customer needs.

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Radha R

CFO, Head Commercial for
SPAR Max Hypermarket

The solution has been very effective and efficient for us in proactive planning, reducing the stock-outs, reducing the sales loss and in process has resulted in better customer service. I would recommend Retigence for B2B as well as B2C businesses for sure.

male user image

Shekhar Kulkarni

Supply Chain Head,
Saint-Gobain Gyproc India.

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